AMG Cold Stores | The Ice Man
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The Ice Man

Premium Superior Ice

Leading providers of ice cubes and ice flakes!

In order to provide our clients superior products, no effort was spared in the upgrading of the Ice Production Unit, ensuring compliance with all EU regulations. The purification process is as follows:

Pre Filtraction

Water softening process; removal of chlorine by carbon filtration.

Membrane Filtraction

Membrane filtration process to remove all soluble contaminants in water such as sodium chloride. Total dissolved solids of less than 100ppm.

Post Treatment

UV sterilization systems to remove any bacterial growth in the purified water. We produce two types of ice; ice flakes and ice cubes. Ice Flakes are used for cooling drinks during BBQs, house parties or boats out for a weekend of fun and by fishermen to keep their stock at the right temperature. Ice Cubes are also used for cooling, but are best served with drinks.

We offer the following listings in ice manufacturing:

  • Cubes Loose
  • Cubes Pouches
  • Ice Flakes Large
  • Ice Flakes Small

Our full product range is a click away