Who We Are

Get to know our company.

Established in 1960, AMG Cold stores Ltd ® was known as Michael Spiteri Butchers. Being a pioneer in his field, Michael Spiteri had the foresight to invest in a significant business such as this. Like his father, Gordon, took the company even further by expanding the business. In the mid 90`s, AMG Meats was established and began operating from a small cold stores in Hamrun where it continued to expand till Malta joined the European Union in 2004. Then the directors decided to further expand their business, and by the end of 2006 AMG Cold Stores Ltd® was founded. This company took over the formerly well-known company Borg Cold Stores established in 1918 which was also known as Malta Cold Stores. From here AMG Cold Stores Ltd ® never looked back and continued investing to improve the cold stores and their business. The company invested in new machinery and technology both for the cold stores and as well as for the ice production, in which the company is one of the leaders in this sector. In order to accommodate the increasing demand for storage rentals.

Customers are a top priority in our books!

Expertise and flexibility are our speciality at AMG Cold Stores Ltd ®. As a result we pride ourselves in satisfying a wide ranging customer base ranging from independent butcher shops, restaurants, hotels, large groups and wholesalers. Our varied product range, imported from all over the world are all EU approved and a majority of our products are Islamic (Halal) certified, in order to satisfy all the needs of our customers in the catering industry. We believe in supporting our customers at all times, and in doing so, we help our clients adapt their seasonal menu offerings and conduct regular product reviews to keep ahead of industry trends.

Because timing is everything!

Distribution takes place from our cold stores every day. Our products find their way to the catering trade, restaurant chains, meat industry and retail in a fast and efficient manner. Besides our standard stock we can also supply tailored cuts and packaging to meet the needs of the individual. Thanks to our storage capacity and flexibility we can satisfy every demand from the market. Our fleet of refrigerated vans facilitate local distribution to all our customers, ensuring product integrity and punctuality throughout Malta and Gozo. If you have any queries about our delivery service please email us on sales@amgcoldstores.com

The common denominator

All AMG products are quality assured and EU approved through rigorous checks according to HACCP principles and in compliance with the highest levels required by the veterinary department. At the end of 2006 AMG successfully implemented the HACCP-Quality-Assurance System so that all possible risks which can occur during the unloading process that can effect public health, can be located and documented in the HACCP manual. Internal audits are held regularly to monitor and control the effectiveness of this system. Furthermore, this system is structurally controlled by the Veterinarian Inspection Service, the authorized body for the certification of such quality-assurance systems. AMG buy their products from EC certified suppliers in Europe, South America, New Zealand and Asia and products are selected with the utmost care on a basis of strict purchase requirements. On arrival of the products each lot will be checked for: commercial documents and origin, hygiene and temperature of the truck/container.

Our service is the reason our clients always come back!

The entire AMG team is dedicated to the guaranteed delivery of genuine products to our customers today, tomorrow and in the future. From the initial order receipt to dispatch and after sales, every step of our relationship with your business is of primary importance to us. If you have any questions about our service please email us on sales@amgcoldstores.com

Our methodology will impress you!

Our suppliers already group their products in respect of uniform traceability. In this way pallets arrive in good order. On arrival pallets receive a unique number and all the relevant details that the production require are connected to this number. During the unloading chain the end product will obtain the following information:
  • Production Date
  • Best before Use Date (DLC) + Condition Temperature
  • Batch Number
  • Country of Birth
  • Country of Breeding
  • Country of Killing + EC No. of Slaughterhouse
  • Country of Deboning + EC No. of Deboning Plant