AMG Cold Stores installs E-Power energy saving devices.

AMG Cold Stores has installed a next-generation energy efficiency and voltage harmonization device which is saving the company over €11 per day on electricity bills. Savings are expected to increase in the warmer months. Our company is one of the first to adopt the EPower energy saving device by Energia Europa, represented locally by Electrofix. A test run by Energia Europa showed that AMG Cold Stores Ltd ® is now saving an average 16.22 per cent of energy consumption per day – 139 kWh of energy a day – and 83.4kg of CO₂ daily emissions which translates to 9.26 square meters of forest land saved on a daily basis. In the warmer months, savings are expected to increase drastically due to the use of other machinery.

The EPower device fits between the electricity supply and the main distribution board and through a combination of voltage optimization, power factor correction and harmonic filtration, the system reduces energy consumption levels and optimizes machinery and equipment maintenance costs. A domestic version, Ebox, is also available and yields electricity savings of up to 40 per cent.